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Chang Law Group P.C. is a leading international law firm recognized for representing industry leaders worldwide. The firm focuses on both immediate and long term goals with its clients, providing the best service to elevate clients' excellence to be successful.

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News and Announcements

CHASE Redevelopment Project

The firm is retained for redevelopment project of a former CHASE bank building in Middletown NY. We provide legal and business advice on project financing, investment management, real estate zoning and variance, Orange County Industrial Development Agency financial incentive applicability, tax planning, and zero energy building application.

Opening Middletown Office 

The firm is retained to manage multiple mixed-use / commercial real estate properties in Middletown, New York, totaling 137,000 SQFT. Its new Middletown office with Degraw & Dehann will be filled with business & investment management lawyers, industry experts and architects to maximize return and maintain sustainable financial growth.

ChungBuk National University  

The firm signs a strategic partnership MOU with "Global Challenge" project - TTI Report, ChungBuk National University's Korea National Project for Excellence in Software to facilitate science and  technology based companies' global launching and expansion. Also, it provides legal and business advise on intellectual property management and IP commercialization.


  • Former Korean Congressman's Chief Policy Advisor joins the firm as Net Zero Energy Project Director. 10/2022

  • KSEA - Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association appoints JunHwan Chang as legal counsel for the consequence of 8 years serving 8 presidents. 10/2022

  • Tiffany Cho gives special lecture about career planning strategies at ChungBuk National University. 10/2022

  • James Kim (Kyunghee University. Law School, Heesung Shin (ChungBuk National Universiy), Jungwon Shin (ChungNam National University) started 2022summer internship at the firm. 05/2022

Immigration Case Approval

  • Researcher in the field of Molecular Biology with Ph.d in Biochemistry received NIW I-140 approval.

  • Post-doc scientist in Biomaterials and Materials science with 2 publications and 7 citations got NIW I-140 approval.

  • Software engineer with Ph.D in information Technology got NIW I-140 approval without Request for Additional Evidence.

  • Korean fine artist with 8 years of exhibition experience got EB1-A I-140 approval in just 9 days.

  • Dentist got approval in EB1-A I-140 in just 11 days.

  • Korean tenor graduated his Ph.D received EB1-A I-140 approval in just 7 days.

  • Violinist got approved O1-B visa before OPT expires.

  • Pianist with Doctor of Musical Arts got approved O1-B visa.


"We thank all of our clients as we could not have accomplished our current status without them. We will continuously strive to live up to the expectations and to meet the standard of our clients." 


                                                                                                        Managing Partner, JunHwan Chang


Business Law & Investment


The firm started as the boutique international business law firm and continues to excel in its practice. Its main business practice focuses on foreign investment, international business transactions, business succession planning, wealth transfer, and tax planning.

Intellectual Property


The firm represents clients in a wide range of intellectual property law issues and keeps track of the ongoing development of intellectual property law in the modern era of electronic commerce, the internet, VR/AR, and Metaverse.

Immigration Law


The firm has the rich experiences handling a wide variety of cases and strive to provide top-quality legal representation to each and every client. Thus it has a track record of getting the best outcome in immigrant and non-immigrant visas.

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Asian lawyers discussing on legal case with document contract
Business Meeting

Community Reach 

Modern Architecture

PyeongChang Olympic 2018
평창동계올림픽 문화 ICT관

The firm reviews international contracts and negotiate terms & conditions. The firm's managing attorney is appointed to deputy manager to be in charge of day to day operation and maintain artworks.

Pile of Newspapers

Korea Daily Newspaper

Intellectual Property law columns were published by-weekly at The JoongAng Korea Daily Newspaper for three years.

On Air Sign

K-Radio AM1660
비즈니스 토크쇼 블루오션

Business and Investment focused talkshows were aired weekly by K-Radio AM1660. The show covers domestic and international exhibitions to provide listeners with business and investment insights.

Design Magazines

S-CASA Magazine
​뉴욕 아트 매거진

Tiffany Cho is chosen to be a cover person for New York's art and culture magazine - March 2020 issue. Magazine wrote about Ms. Cho's road to become the prestigious immigration lawyer in the community.


The firm's reputation in art & entertainment industry got stronger. It sponsored special classical events at Carnegie Hall and several space collaboration art exhibitions in New York. In addition, the firm represented life science, game, blockchain tech companies for their IP based international business transactions. The firm was invited as sponsor and special speaker for ICSC - International Conference on Smart City to address current status of development and its investment opportunities therein. During COVID19, the firm was retained by multinational investors from Korea and China and started to manage their real estate investment portfolio in the United States exclusively.  
The firm's expertise started to get recognized in industries and communities, that it was invited to present topics including international business law and transaction, intellectual property management, and immigration law. In 2015, the firm became an official sponsor of KSEA UKC annual conference. There were several milestones in 2016. The firm completed its first major international art project "Paik Nam June Show" at DDP with Korea's top art and entertainment companies Gallery Yeh and YG plus. The firm also became in-house law firm for SBC-USA, Korea Government Agency for SMEs and led series of international business platform negotiation with State of New Jersey. In 2017, the firm's immigration practice kept growing in volume, and interplay with other practice areas such as business, investment, science and technology. Finally, the firm could not say more without the Pyeongchang Olympic 2018 Winter Games as it was humble honor to work for its culture ICT with Gallery Yeh and CJ E&M to present Korea's most prestigious artworks to attendees worldwide.
Due to the firm's business nature inception, it had been solely focused on business practices. It represented multinational companies in various industries such as hospitality, fashion, automobile part manufacturing for their contract draft, negotiation, business, and employment dispute matters. During these periods, it also worked closely with KOTRA-Miami for FIME (Florida International Medical Expo) event. In collaboration with KOTRA-Miami at FIME, the firm led business and FDA seminars and provided customized legal and business consulting to over 150 companies. 
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